PCT has been a comprehensive development and manufacturing partner for over 18 years

Expertise in multiple cell therapy types and therapeutic applications, including: CAR-T, TCR, T-cell, NK cell, dendritic cells and CD34+ products, among others.

cGMP Infrastucture

At PCT, our clients’ milestones are our milestones. Timely achievement of clinical milestones is essential to the success of a development-stage cell therapy company. After a clients’ project plan is established, PCT will partner with them to do what is needed to keep the program on track and to ensure that the client meets applicable quality standards. Our infrastructure network includes materials control/warehousing/procurement, facilities/equipment management, quality control and assurance and more.

Manufacturing Development

To succeed as an industry, manufacturers of cell therapies must be able to produce a high-quality product at a reasonable cost of goods that meets demand over the commercial life of the product. PCT’s Center for Innovation and Engineering provides clients with a robust strategy to assess and develop processes, technologies and automation to lower the cost of goods and enable robust scale up of therapeutics. We bring to our consultations more than 18 years of actual process development and manufacturing experience in a current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) regulated environment, and a history of helping clients reach the strategic clinical and commercialization milestones for their product.