Caladrius provides innovative solutions to the regenerative medicine industry through its industry-recognized single source premier cell therapy center of excellence, PCT, a Caladrius Company. With more than 16 years of exclusive cell therapy-focused manufacturing and development experience, PCT helps biotechnology and cell therapy companies bridge the gap between therapy discovery and patient care by addressing the complex manufacturing challenges that stand in the way.

We achieve this by offering a wide range of innovative capabilities: product and process development, GMP manufacturing, engineering and automation, cell and tissue processing, logistics, storage and distribution, and expert consulting and regulatory support.

By utilizing PCT’s expertise in some or all of these areas, cell therapy companies can focus on their core goal of developing effective clinical products while also planning for and advancing long-term goals for product quality, cost of goods, scalability, and sustainability.

GMP manufacturing in Allendale, NJ and Mountain View, CA

  • 11 clean rooms – Class 10,000 or Class 1,000
  • 120+ cell therapy clients enabled
  • 100+ technology transfers performed
  • 20,000+ clinical products manufactured
  • 6,000+ patients treated