Leveraging Cells to Treat Disease

Through our technologies we leverage the potential of our cells by enabling the body to rebalance irregularities (T Regulatory Technology), increase blood flow (CD34 Technology) and more effectively recognize and make inert cancer-initiating cells (DC-TC Technology)

T Regulatory Technology

Immune tolerance is propagated through a variety of mechanisms, including suppression of self-reactive T effector cells and auto (self)-antigen presenting cells by T regulatory cells (Tregs). Caladrius’ technology to enhance autologous Treg number and function therefore leverages the native immune regulatory mechanisms, offering a path to true disease modification. Through exclusive world-wide licenses to more than 30 issued patents and patent applications, we have secured the rights to a broad patent estate within the Treg field, covering methods of Treg isolation, expansion and activation/stimulation, as well as methods of treating or preventing certain conditions and/or autoimmune diseases, including T1D, suppressing autoimmunity and pathological immune responses using Tregs. Read more.

CD34 Technology

Heart attack, chronic heart failure, critical limb ischemia, and stroke are all caused by an acute or chronic deficit in the supply of oxygenated blood. One of the bodies’ natural responses to areas in the body with low levels of oxygenated blood is the recruitment of CD34 cells to those tissues. Caladrius’ CD34 technology leverages the body’s natural repair mechanism to induce the development of new blood vessels, preventing tissue death by improving blood flow. Read more.

Tumor Cell / Dendritic Cell Technology

Caladrius’ approach to cancer is different in two fundamental ways from other patient-specific immunotherapies: (i) it presents to the patient’s immune system the entire spectrum of antigens from the patient’s own tumor and (ii) it isolates and re-administers specific cells from the patient’s tumor that are self-renewing, that is, those that can regenerate the cancer and cause metastatic spread against which an immune response is most needed. Those cells are pretreated with radiation and are exposed to dendritic cells to optimize presentation to the T cell. Read more.

Dominant Global IP Portfolio

T Regulatory Cell Technology IP: Cell populations and methods of isolation, activation and expansion of Tregs, as well as methods of treating or preventing certain conditions and/or diseases using Tregs

Tumor Cell / Dendritic Cell Technology IP: Stem cell growth medium and methods of making and using same; Antigen-presenting cancer vaccines; Individualized high purity carcinoma initiating (stem) cells for target indications, methods and use of same; and rapid methods to produce high purity cancer initiating (stem) cells

CD34 Cell Technology IP: CD34+ CXCR4+ enriched stem cell product to treat cardiac conditions and a broad range of other conditions caused by underlying ischemia.


pending & issued patents worldwide