Our Company

Our Company

Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. is a clinical stage development company with cell therapy products in development based on multiple technology platforms and targeting autoimmune and select cardiology indications. The Company is investigating its lead product candidate, CLBS03, an ex vivo expanded polyclonal T regulatory cell therapy for the treatment of recent-onset type 1 diabetes in a currently enrolling Phase 2 trial.

Through developing and manufacturing cell therapies to treat those in need, we are dedicated to enabling people to enjoy a healthier span of life. Our overall vision includes commitment to the following:

  • We will be recognized for our culture of respect, our teamwork, and our patient- and customer-centric mindset.
  • We will drive the evolution of the cell therapy industry.
  • We will generate industry-leading growth through our significant operational scale, our innovation and our executional excellence.
  • We will set ourselves apart in the industry, creating value by allowing our people, shareholders and company to prosper.
  • We will bring significant life-improving medical treatments to patients.


At Caladrius Biosciences, our mission is to bring new, innovative and treatment paradigm-changing medical therapies to market based on our unique expertise and experience, and in so doing, to improve patients’ lives and create value for our shareholders.

Research and Discovery

To accomplish our mission and see our vision through to the end we are combining state-of-the-art science with the body’s intricate biologic systems, and are working to leverage our bodies’ development of cell capabilities with complex and specific functions. We believe that each study we perform expands the foundations of cell therapy and biologic science and believe that our research and discovery will have meaningful and lasting influence. We pledge to use our experience and knowledge to advance science, research and development.


We conduct all of our work in order to ultimately benefit the patients who put their trust and hope in our hands. We will continue to pursue therapies in areas of significant unmet medical need so that we can have the greatest impact on them. We know it won’t be easy, but we are committed to striving to successfully guide our product candidates through the development process in order that they may ultimately reach and serve the patients.


The cell therapy industry needs credible sources disseminating information. We pledge to be that credible source, promoting ethical science and ethical business, and playing an educational role in bringing cell therapy to the public which includes dispelling controversy, decreasing confusion and increasing awareness of cellular therapies and their potential to heal the body and fight disease.