Manufacturing Automation

Caladrius is working on increasing the level of automation in the cell manufacturing process as one additional route to not only decrease costs that will later be faced by patients, but also increase the purity of the cell products, which we see as integral to maximizing the positive effects on the patients we ultimately serve.

Collaboration with Invetech

One major platform that is presently under development is a closed processing system Caladrius is developing in collaboration with Invetech. This system will be applicable to a range of cell therapy processes in development and commercialization stages, and will consist of an instrumentation platform, disposable flow path, and operating and application software for automated execution of user-selected protocols. The System will provide a flexible small scale process suitable for GMP manufacturing of autologous and other patient-specific products where small scale is full scale, while also supporting efficient development of processes at lower cost prior to transitioning to scaled volumes.

Industry Innovators

Caladrius is dedicated to the industry's advancement by reducing cost and increasing sustainability of cell therapies through initiatives including: