Leveraging Cells to Treat Disease

Through our technologies we leverage the potential of our cells by enabling the body to rebalance irregularities (T Regulatory Technology), and increase blood flow (CD34+ Cell Technology).

CD34+ Cell Technology

Heart attack, chronic heart failure, critical limb ischemia, and stroke are all caused by an acute or chronic deficit in the supply of oxygenated blood. One of the body’s natural responses to areas with low levels of oxygenated blood is the recruitment of CD34+ cells to those tissues. Caladrius’s CD34 technology leverages the body’s natural repair mechanism to induce the development of new blood vessels, preventing tissue death by improving blood flow. Read more.

T Regulatory Technology

Our T regulatory cell program is based on a technology platform derived in part from intellectual property created from research performed at the University of California, San Francisco, and we are pursuing the development of cell therapies designed to use autologous cells as a therapeutic product to treat disorders of the immune system. Many immune-mediated diseases result from an imbalance between immune T-effector and T-regulatory cells whereby pro-inflammatory cells and cytokines eventually go unchecked and mistakenly attack beneficial cells in the body. Our T-regulatory cell therapy represents a novel approach to restoring immune balance by enhancing T-regulatory cell number and function to control pathologic immune responses. Read more.