Caladrius Biosciences is developing cellular therapeutics to treat certain diseases. We leverage our internal specialized cell therapy clinical development expertise to select and develop early-stage cell therapy candidates with the intention of partnering these candidates post proof-of-concept in humans.


Our current lead product candidate, CLBS03, is an autologous ex vivo polyclonal T regulatory cell ("Treg") clinical phase 2 therapy targeting adolescents with recent-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus (“T1D”). This program is based on the use of Tregs to treat diseases caused by imbalances in an individual's immune system. This novel approach seeks to restore immune balance by enhancing Treg number and function.


Our CD34 cell technology has led to the development of therapeutic candidates designed to address diseases and conditions caused by ischemia. Ischemia occurs when the supply of oxygenated blood to healthy tissue is restricted. Through the administration of CD34 cells, we seek to promote the development and formation of new blood vessels and thereby increase blood flow to the impacted area. Our Clinical Trial Notification for a pivotal Phase 2 trial investigating CLBS12 (a candidate for CLI) was submitted to the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency ("PMDA") and was cleared to proceed.


CLBS14 is Caladrius’ proprietary and patent protected formulation of CD34 cells designed specifically to enhance the potency of the CD34 cells for repair and regeneration of cardiovascular tissue. Its companion product, CLBS12, is specifically formulated for intramuscular administration for the treatment of lower extremity ischemia.